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People Seeking Happiness

We: An Uplifting Manual for Women Seeking Happiness, was written by Gillian Anderson and Jennifer Nadel after having experienced suffering in their personal lives. They suggest some basic principles for individuals to learn and practice how to be happy.

What I found particularly interesting was how they remind us of the importance of expressing daily gratitude and taking responsibility for our own actions and care. What this also means is not always taking the position of the victim of circumstances, and taking constructive steps to alter what makes us unhappy.

They highlight 9 principles that they find crucially important — honesty, acceptance, courage, trust, humility, peace, love, joy and kindness. From my own experience, I believe that these principles are fundamental.

More importantly, we can generate all these senses through the power of meditation alone. By dedicating 20 minutes of meditation at the start of each day, we can strive for a peaceful day ahead and overtime our overall wellbeing will be improved.

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