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Negative Thoughts - Poison to the Immune System

Negative Thoughts can cause depression

I never cease to be impressed at how many insightful professionals and authors such as Deb Shapiro, Karol K. Truman and Louise Hay, have enlightened me to the profound and yet unconscious connection between constant negative thinking and illnesses.

Like bacteria and viruses, our own genetic predispositions for various conditions have significant roles to play in illnesses. Harbouring long term resentment, criticism, guilt, and fear can cause weaknesses in our immune system and therefore facilitates unexpected kinds of illnesses in our lives.

The authors above have identified a connection between constant negativity and physical symptoms. Shapiro, in her book Your Body Speaks, and Truman in Feelings Buried Alive Never Die provide evidence of a direct link between internalised psycho-emotional problems and their physical manifestations.

Truman attributes insomnia to tensions in life, deep-seated guilt, fear and anxiety, and worrying about being good enough to do what is expected from you. Shapiro notes that as a result of stress or anxiety, more people die from heart attacks at 9am on a Monday morning than any other time or day.

So how can we strive for peace and health?

Louise Hay, in You Can Heal Your Life, argues that “what we give out is what we get back”; we will attract no positivity to our lives if we do not actively train our minds to think positively. As many of these authors argue, a lack of self love can be the root cause of these problems. Helping to create a friendly and positive dialogue within ourselves, between our minds and bodies is crucial to bringing us peace. If a lack of self love, acceptance, and long-term resentments are holding us back, then we must be willing to release the past and to construct a positive now.

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