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Becoming Supernatural

The book Becoming Supernatural, by Dr Joe Dispenza, teaches people about the power of the mind and encourages them to live in the present moment by controlling and removing disruptive thoughts and feelings from their past.

“For the most part, your brain is a product of the past. It has been shaped and moulded to become a living record of everything you have learned and experienced up to this point in your life”. Dr Dispenza explains what it means to re-live our pasts every day in our present through habits and automatic routines.

All the daily experiences we have are recorded in our brains. When we know that we are going to face a daily routine and will interact with the same people, our brain anticipates the same feelings and emotions that we carry in our memories. It means that our past readily becomes our future too.

Everything that we focus and rehearse mentally over and over again transforms into our present and future. Dr Dispenza provides a compelling example from a Harvard research project. A group of non-piano players had to learn and practice a simple exercise for 2 hours a day for five days. One half practised physically, the other only mentally. When both groups’ brains were scanned afterwards, both showed signs of new neural circuits having been formed. Therefore, it concluded that mental practice alone could form new neural circuits.

What this shows is the sheer power of the mind. This is a compelling notion — it means that through the practice of thought alone, we can prime our brains to live in the present, and also in peace. We can choose whom we would like to be. We are not slaves to our disruptive past experiences.

With therapy support, individuals learn how to create healthy routines to prime their brains to experience peace and happiness and remove intrusive and disruptive thoughts.

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