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Asking with Faith

I found the book Ask and it is Given from Esther and Jerry Hicks extremely interesting. They discuss the principle that how we talk about whatever we desire in our lives should be in profound alignment with our thoughts, beliefs, emotions and actions.

They suggest that every thought you cultivate your attention to grows and transforms into a segment of your mental energy: they called it ‘vibrational mix’. Whether it is a positive or a dreadful thought, your attention to it creates a related experience, good or bad.

In fact, they believe that we live in an attraction based universe, so even when you see something that you would not want to experience and yet you focus upon it, then it will be part of your experience.

Emotions also influences your energy which it can work for you or against you. You mould your energy through focusing your thinking, remembering and imagining specific things. They discuss that we should use our emotions to “feel” our way back to well-being.

Thoughts that were once small and insignificant, transforms into a strong belief and carries a positive or negative emotional current. For example, if you desire something but focuses in what you fear, you are already sabotaging yourself.

Those who are mostly “observers” thrive in good times but suffer in bad ones because what they observe will influence their experience. Consequently their energy and emotions will fluctuate based on the content of their observation.

On the other hand, “visionaries” generally thrive because they have more control of maintaining thoughts and emotions in alignment with their desires.

Therefore, we should ask things with faith, cultivating positivity, avoiding fear and doubt. By deliberately creating good feelings and thoughts, and being mentally open to receive the fruits of what you ask for, will start a journey to improve our long-term habits and circumstances.

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